What We Offer

We offer several services, all geared towards promoting proper nutrition for current and future generations.

We do this through the following services

Nutritional counseling

It’s our duty to give you tips and advice regarding the kind of food you eat and behavioral change in food intake.  It’s a service that follows up on meal plans for special groups for indicators of success or failure.

What are some of the standard measures of the kind of food you consume? Are they based on the nutritional requirement and standard health procedures? It is the department responsible for looking at the quantities and quality of foods that the public consumes.

Cooking classes

If you are looking for a change in culinary skills, then it’s important to join the cooking classes for that change in the way you prepare, cook, and present your meals on the table.

Healthy living and eating

How does your behavior say about your physical health? Once we give you tips on the kind of foods you consume, we now focus on nutritional lifestyle and how and when you eat the meals for physical health benefit.

Nutrition education for specialized groups

The special groups aren’t left out. People with chronic illness or lifestyle diseases or allergic people to certain foods fall in this category.

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Grocery shopping education

This department looks at the groceries that should not miss in your shopping basket. It looks at it in line with the nutritional requirement for that balanced diet.

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Diet education

Just as the vision of the site. We now give you knowledge-based content that helps you make informed choices when it comes to food intake.