Nutrition Programs

Child nutrition program

A child nutrition program looks at the overall health of a child. We focus on nutritional requirements and give you diet plans and snacks to accommodate them based on individual needs.

We look at the three main meals and the snacks plus the quantity. We also walk the journey with mothers to ensure they don’t underfeed or overfeed the children.

Invalids program

Do you have recovering patients or a loved one suffering from a chronic illness? We are here for you. We understand the special needs and appetite issues surrounding this special group. The invalids program is a simple meal plan that takes care of the sick and recovering patients.

Our focus here is foods with medicinal value with no contraindications with the drugs they take. It’s a program that utilizes the available resources to support patients in returning to their normal state fast through nutritional support.

Pregnant and lactating mothers program

Carrying an unborn child for nine months is not an easy journey. It’s important to have a special diet that is accommodative to you and your unborn child. This program focuses on these two special groups. We want to have healthy babies and mothers as well.

Prenatal nutrition looks at the five food components, and the specific percentage one needs to consume to have that healthy weight. We also look at postnatal nutrition that checks on the baby and the lactating mother in totality.

Weight Management

It’s the joy of every individual to have optimum weight to keep diseases at bay. This is never the scenario due to several factors. Therefore, we have short term and long term weight loss programs targeting individuals who want to have a healthy weight.